Windsor/Essex – Catch the Ace

It has been so long since we’ve hosted a fundraising BBQ and our deep fryer and grills are stored away due to Covid-19. But as always we are looking to help our communities through this very difficult time and to do that it takes funding. So over the past 6 months our collective Rotary clubs have put our heads together to think of how to raise money.

The Rotary club of Essex, Ontario is joining together with all of the Rotary clubs of this area of Canada to raise money, starting tomorrow 1/8/2021 you can click on the below link and purchase tickets for a chance to join in the fun with the Rotary clubs of Windsor/Essex County Catch the Ace fund raising activity.

Important numbers:

Our charitable License #RAF1201017

Drawings will happen every Thursday at 8PM starting Jan 14, 2021 until the jackpot is won with the drawing of the Ace of Spades

Simply go to the following website starting tomorrow and purchase tickets.

The link:

Hope you enjoy the excitement as we chase the Ace! As always, thank you for your support!

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