Kim, Chris and Bill have returned from their humanitarian trip to Ghana, Africa

The Rotary Club of Essex sponsored a team who traveled to Ghana, each at their own expense, to carried out a number of Rotary humanitarian projects.

While in Ghana the team bore drilled 9 water wells in villages that previously had no access to clean water. The team also built a sanitation facility with 8 flush toilets, sinks and showers in the impoverished village of Dossii where previously many villagers died of waterborne illnesses due to lack of clean water and sanitation. On the education front, the team built two schools and distributed 500 backpacks filled with school supplies, toiletries, clothing and a toy. Malaria is Africa’s #1 killer so to combat the spread of this disease the team distributed 1,000 mosquito bed nets to pregnant, nursing mothers and children. Medical professionals on the team provided primary care in health and dental clinics. Our doctors treated over 700 patients and provided them with medicines and orthopedic braces as well as dental care. The team also expanded their economic development program called “Sewing Seeds of Hope.” Through this program young, single unwed mothers are paired with a seamstress mentor and provided with a sewing machine and are taught to sew. Armed with a new skill set they will have the ability to provide for themselves and their babies. #Rotaryrocks #RotaryServiceAboveSelf.

Check out some photos below of their trip.  More photos to follow in the next few days.


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